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New Pricing for December 2021

Hello Everyone, We had a great year thanks to you. The Coffee Business along with our Farm were able to grow. Unfortunately, our coffee suppliers have increased their prices again late this year. We were able to keep our price at $11.00 for the last 2 years. Our new price will be $12.50 online for a full pound of your favorite roasted beans. Thanks for your continued support and keep those coffee cups full.

Welcome to The Artsy Bookworm in Rock Island, IL

Welcome Healthy Harvest Urban Farms in Rock Island, IL

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Thanks Coffee Drinkers

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Welcome to our newest Retail Outlet The Window Box Muscatine, IA

A big thanks to Kris for giving us this opportunity. She is one of our Muscatine Farmers Market Coffee Customers and was curious as to where she could buy Broken Shovel Coffee when the market closed. Robin told her about the coop and the store and then she thought I could just put the coffee in The Window Box. We think it was a great idea!

Grown at High Altitudes

In Warm Places

Picked, Washed and Dried on Small Farms

Also, In the Same Warm Places

Hand Roasted on a Small Farm in Illinois

Sometimes Warm and Sometimes Butt Freezing Cold!


Yay is an interjection expressing triumph, joy, or enthusiasm.

Broken Shovel Coffee News

Broken Shovel Coffee Party March 2020 - Irish Coffee

Broken Shovel Coffee Party March 2020 - Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee!  Our First Coffee Tasting Party was a hit even with the COVID issues.  Luckily, we got it in ( just days) before the stay at home orders were enacted.  Once the restrictions lift we will start them back up.  Thanks, Everyone!