Broken Shovel Organic Light Roast Coffee
Broken Shovel Organic Light Roast Coffee
Our Favorite Customer Cala 2018

Broken Shovel Organic Light Roast Coffee

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Description: Hand-Roasted Organic Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Size: 1# 

Roast Profile:

Broken Shovel Light Roast Coffee is light brown in color with subtle flavors of chocolate, citrus, and almond. 


Cala, Aledo, IL

"Confession.... I have only ever 'liked' coffee in latte form. I have searched my entire life for coffee I could stand. (That's a little dramatic... maybe). But I finally found it. Locally roasted by Broken Shovel Farms. I am *thrilled*.

Cala, thank you for the great review,

Broken Shovel Coffee History:

Coffee Roasting Started as a Prepper Project for us.  Green Coffee stores for a long time and when we started we bought 25# bags of green organic coffee beans for about the same price as regular store-bought coffee.  We could drink good organic coffee if we put some effort into it, so our journey began.  Long storage, reasonable pricing, and pounds of “Green Gold” in plastic buckets.    

Well, we have grown up a bit since those early days.  We still roast small batches and we still buy High-Quality Organic Green Coffee Beans, just in slightly bigger loads.  But, our Goal remains to produce a competitively priced High-Quality Organic Coffee for us to drink and now to share with you.  Don’t forget we drink it too!

Our beans are grown on small farms and coops.  They are wet milled and dried right on the farm.  Then we roast them on our farm.  We look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact us or subscribe to our email list if you have any questions.    

Quality: SHG EP Organic

Origin: Honduras

Certifying Body: Boilatina 100% Organic Coffee 

Packaging: 1# Brown Kraft Paper Bag