Our Favorite Customer Cala 2018
Broken Shovel Light Roast Coffee

Broken Shovel Farms Organic Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee

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Broken Shovel Light Roast Coffee Review from our Favorite Customer!

"Confession.... I have only ever 'liked' coffee in latte form. I have searched my entire life for coffee I could stand. (That's a little dramatic... maybe). But I finally found it. Locally roasted by Broken Shovel Farms. I am *thrilled*."  Cala 2018

We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome you to the addiction, oops we mean community!

Our Light Roast Coffee is hand-roasted in small batches. It is light brown in color with a subtle flavor and a dry surface. We source SHG Strictly High Grown coffee beans that are grown at high altitudes (above 4400 ft) which allows the bean to develop slower, resulting in a denser high-quality bean.  Our coffee beans come from small farms and coops.  They are wet milled and dried on patios right on the farm.  These conditions produce the flavors we like the best, like chocolate and assorted fruits. 

Quality: SHG EP Organic

Origin: Honduras

Certifying Body: Boilatina 100% Organic Coffee 

Packaging: 1# Brown Kraft Paper Bag